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Our offer includes:


Paintball adventure for small children (aged 7+) with JT Splatmaster


JT Splatmaster is a system specifically designed for children to embark on their first and pain-free paintball adventure. The equipment is absolutely safe, since markers have no gas cylinders and are light and easy to operate, and they also use smaller capsules that are half-inch in diameter, which in turn guarantees a lower impact break.

Have you been struggling to make your child spend more time outdoors instead of in front of a TV or a computer? You want to spend time with your relatives in a nice and active way? You are looking for an interesting and active birthday for your child? We've got a ready-made solution for you! JT Splatmaster means great fun for children and adults alike.



Paintball adventure for more mature children (aged 11+) with Opus


Opus offers yet another system specifically designed for children to embark on their first, safe and enjoyable paintball adventure. The system may also be used by adults who are afraid of bruises or excessive pain. The whole idea behind the system is that is uses smaller capsules (0.5 inch in diameter instead of 0.68). This helps to reduce velocity without affecting range or accuracy. Opus sets are light, handy and small, and they are a perfect solution for children and women alike.


Paintball adventure for adults


Feel free to visit our specially designed field which we constantly keep up to date with the latest trends and requirements. We offer games based on various scenarios whose programme and difficulty are adjusted to participants, so that each and every one of you can experience something both enjoyable and challenging. The type of the game we choose depends on the number of participants, the amount of ammo allocated to each game and the experience of the players. We provide top quality equipment that is both safe and reliable. Our referees and instructors have been active in the paintball industry for years, which guarantees top quality services and an exciting game.


Motivational outings – Paintball – Quads


While we are able to organise a paintball game for up to 80 persons, our paintball field is located right next door to a quad field, white-water rafting track and ASG shooting range. We can also arrange accommodation, catering and sports and leisure activities at the facilities located at the Kolna Olympic Centre.

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