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About us

Our story began when we first ventured into the woods with paintball markers in our hands... The first team, the first game, the first paintball capsule and the bruise it had made. We didn't realise that our life would never be the same. Paintball has changed our life forever, and it has gradually become our great passion, something we do and we think about, the thirst for competition that we feel almost daily. This thirst and excitement and adrenaline that we feel whenever we engage in a game of paintball are no longer a pastime. They are our job. And we can now share everything we know with you.

So if you are looking for a company to offer you a unique and fully professional paintball experience, you have found the right people. We organise a variety of events and cater both for companies and individual clients, and we will do our best to adjust our paintball game scenarios to your individual needs and requirements. So if you want to have an experience of a lifetime, just give us a call. Feel the taste of adventure: what it's like to be a warrior, to win a trophy, to capture the enemy position and to defend your own and to win in the end.