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Our equipment

JT Splatmaster

JT Splatmaster is a system specifically designed for children to embark on their first paintball adventure (aged 7+). Splatmaster markers offer a completely new design in the paintball market. They are lighter and more suitable for children, and they use smaller capsules (0.5 inch in diameter instead of 0.68) and offer lower velocity. That's why they will leave a considerably smaller mark on your uniform.


JT Opus

JT Opus is a system for children that are slightly more mature (aged 11+) and yet cannot use gear for adults. While these markers are similar in design to regular paintball markers, they are also adjusted to children, which means smaller size, lower weight, smaller capsule diameter and lower velocity. Opus markers are fully automatic and powered by compressed air, which will give you the real taste of the game while reducing its impact.


Empire BT-4 Slice Combat markers

BT-4 markers will do their job in the harshest conditions. They are what an AK-47 would be like if they were real guns. They will never let you down!